Review: Portable Folding Lock Pick Set

A Folding Lock Pick Set That Works

This dope little folding lock pick set is compact, tiny and comes with enough picks to get most lock picking jobs done. The H&H foldable fits into you pocket just like a trusty Swiss Army Knife but it’s even smaller so you don’t have to worry about it sticking out and being awkward. This folding lock pick set we picked up on Amazon for about $20 bills. Before we get to the analysis of this little piece of work, let’s check out the tech specifications:

folding lock pick set 1

– Stainless Steel Construction

– Chrome Finish

– 6 Picks

– Lightweight

– Super Portable

– Tension Wrench Built Into Body


Let’s breakdown the lock picks that come with this tool. First of all, it comes with all of the essentials including: standard hook, tall diamond, full rake, half ball, S-rake and bent diamond. The tension tool is built in as part of the body of the lock pick set, as you put the end of it into the lock to act as a tension wrench. This wrench is easy to keep in the lock because of it’s weight so you won’t have to worry too much about it falling out.

The construction of the outer portion of the tool is very solid and feels substantial in your hand, this was one of the most impressive portions of this tool for us. You will see a small screw on the bottom of the tool. This screw keeps all the picks in place and you need to unscrew it a bit to start using the device.  The tension tool must also be removed in order to utilize the picks inside. Once the pick of your choice is out then all you have to do is tighten up that screw to make the pick nice and sturdy and there ya go!

The Tension Tool

The tension tool is also made of steel like the rest of the body. It is equally substantial feeling and very strong – even though it feels like you might bend or break the tension wrench when removing it, don’t fret. This thing is strong and unless you are feeling like Arnold then you won’t easily break this thing. The picks feel also real strong, in fact, we tried bending them and they are hard to bend. The moral of the story here is that this tool is robust but if you really try hard, you will bend that dang thing. Here are the pro’s and con’s of this tool as a quick guide:


  • Nice Pick Assortment
  • Strong & Thin Picks
  • Screw Functionality Works Well
  • Tension Wrench Holds
  • Rigid Steel Construction


  • Strange Chrome Finish Is Not So Sexy
  • Picks Are Sharp
  • Tension Wrench A Bit Too Thick


This tool is awesome for someone looking to throw a quick pick set in their pocket to take with them. Beginners will love this pick set but professionals might opt for something a little more expensive and robust. We picked a ton of locks that we had laying around here. From padlocks and wafer locks and we picked them pretty easily. It was a hard to fit the tension wrench in one of the locks that we tried due to the thickness of the steel that it is made from. However, given the nice price and the diversity of picks this pick set is great to throw in your pocket and get going.

8.5 Total Score
Review: Portable Folding Lock Pick Set

This tool is awesome for someone looking to throw a quick pick set in their pocket to take with them.

Variety of Picks