How To Crack A Combination Safe

Open That Safe Quicker Than A Burglar

There are plenty of reasons that you might have to crack a combination safe. Perhaps you lost the keys or you are facing a torrential downpour of zombies outside. Either way, these things are much easier to pick than you may think. Now, the important thing here is that this applies mostly to lower security safes. So this isn’t going to get you into a bank my any means. However, if you are looking at your standard mid to lower tier gun safes, all hotel safes (even the ones in Vegas) or a personal keypad safe then this is the tutorial for you. Without any further introduction, let’s learn how to crack a combination safe with four easy steps.

torx2Step 1: Find The Torque Screws

There is often a “registry” plate that will accompany these safes on the front. There will be two to four hex screws here. The first thing we will need to do is remove one side of them with a basic torx screw driver. This will uncover two holes, one on the side and one in the middle. The middle hole is what we will exploit to crack the safe open. Sometimes it won’t be there so you may have to drill a small hole directly in between the two screw holes. It won’t take long so don’t worry, a little elbow grease is all you need.


Step 2: Find The Hidden Key Hole

The hidden key hole is that hole right in the middle that we just found. Now what we need to do is get some traditional lock picking tools or fashion them out of paper clips and such which you can find out how to do in some of our other tutorials. The quick start guide below will show you the basics to get started. This will take a good amount of practice to become proficient, but keep working on it and you will be darn near an expert in almost no time.

fast lock picking


Step 3: Pick That Lock

how to crack a combination safe

The hidden key hole may not look like one, but trust me it is. Again, if you don’t see the middle hole like the one in the image here, then that means you will have to drill a little bit. You can do this by hand, it’s not too hard to do and definitely don’t bring a loud electric drill. This part takes a good amount of finesse of course, so start picking! With a little bit of time this will pop the door open on the safe. Once you get the lock picked, you will see the keypad light up indicating that it is opened. Essentially, you have tricked the safe into thinking that you have inputted the correct key code.

opened safe

Step 4: Put Everything Back Together

The beauty of this technique is that it is very easy to cover your tracks. Once you grab your items out of the safe, you can put it back together like nothing happened. This is good because you don’t want your hotel to charge you any fees for breaking their safe. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t do this for nefarious purposes because the freedom you have is the most expensive thing in life you will ever own. Now if you liked this tutorial, let us know by sharing with your friends or subscribing to our newsletter. Did you think it would be that easy to crack open a safe? Well, not too crazy and a little more brash than some of the other types of locks that you can breach. Let us know what type of guide that you would like to see next!

Don’t forget! Often times safes that you find in hotel rooms have hidden key holes. This is by far the easiest way to get in. Pick up a standard lock picking set and you will be good to go.