How To Pick A Lock With A Bobby Pin

The Ultimate Guide: How To Pick A Lock With A Bobby Pin

Channel your inner 007 with this guide on how to pick a lock with a bobby pin. We are bring back the total hijacking a compromised locks because that sounds like a fun thing to do. In this guide, we will first walk you through the process, step by step. Remember if this is a serious case of a compromised lock, it is important to find a locksmith to correct the issue. Lubbock Locksmith TX might be able to assist if this problem occurs.

First, we need to take care of the practice piece. Then you can read on about additional information as it pertains to using bobby pins to pick locks. Despite new technological innovation, the locks haven’t changed much. I am talking about Master Locks, pad locks, door locks, it does not matter. They are all basically the same and you can pick them all with a bobby pin. So, let’s get started! Good Luck!

Step 1: Create The Tension Tool

picker of locks - bobby pin 1The first step in picking a lock with bobby pins is to create the tools. We are first going to create the tension tool. Take bobby pin A shown on the left and bend it like so. This is arguably the most important tool that you will use in your lock picking. We will be applying pressure on this lever here shortly so the stronger the pin the better – it will need to be able to flex pretty far.

Be gentle. You don’t want to break your hair pin inside of the lock. That could really hurt your chances of getting inside. So grab your girl’s hair pin, it’s time to start a crafting.




This can be used for handcuffs or any other kind of lock you need to pick. Bobby pins are truly one of the most Indiana Jones level cool tools. The best part, is that no one will suspect you of being a lock picker. That is, unless you run into 007 himself. We think that is unlikely. Anyway, on to step 2.


Step 2: Create The Pick Tool

picking locks with bobby pin 2

The second hairpin will be used as the pick or rake acting as if it were a key. Again begin bending bobby pin B shown on the right into a pick shape like so. Now we are just about ready to insert this pick and start picking. You use one of two ends of the bobby pin for this. The rake style uses the bumpy part of the hairpin where you will scrub back and forth. The second types of pick is an individual pin pick by bending the bobby pin like the image to the left. This will enable you to individually pick each pin one by one.

The hook can take many shapes. This is because there is no “one size fits all” design. Locks are all a little different, so you may want to experiment with the shape of rake.



Step 3: Insert The Tools And Start Picking

picking locks with bobby pin

Now insert the tension wrench tool (hairpin A) into the bottom of the lock. Then insert hairpin B into the middle of the lock all the way back. Now, put tension on the tension wrench and begin picking back and forth with hairpin B pushing up on the pins inside the lock. As you thrust the bent pick inside, you should check for the seized key pins to ensure proper alignment. In addition, it’s all-important that you record the pin count in your head.

This will guarantee the integrity of the strategy you’re using. You should exert extra tension when exercising how to pick a lock with a bobby pin tactic. Additionally, it’s in your best interest to keep the door lock in place while resetting it. If you don’t know which direction your lock turns, try both orientations. A periodic grinding or clicking sound usually indicates the wrong orientation of turning the lock. Remember, while you’re utilizing your make shift, custom lever to hijack a jammed lock, you should insert the pick deeply into the barrel chamber. Simultaneously, it’s of utmost importance that you keep the bent portion of the lever extremely low as it’s inserted into the lock’s keyhole. With this convenient strategy, you can literally open any compromised lock.

Step 4: Feel Each Locking Pin Individually

hair pin picking

You should start fixing the seized key pins from the first onward, ensuring that all are reset correctly. Essentially, you must apply concentrated pressure on your customized bobby pin lever to keep the pins elevated. As the seized key pins become less restricted, it’ll be easier to rotate the lever. It’s crucial to repeat the steps until you’ve realigned all seized key pins. It is hard to pick a car lock with a bobby pin, so start on doors and padlocks instead! Is this bobby pin lock picking technique turning out to be extremely difficult? Resetting the seized pins might not happen as quickly as you want but have patience. Many of us struggle with this method at first, but don’t fret. You shouldn’t exert an excess amount of tension as you coerce the lever to avoid compromising the lock and/or breaking a piece of the lock pick set off inside of the lock.

how to pick a lock step quickstartguide

Additional Tips & Information For How To Pick A Lock With A Bobby Pin

If you’re a skeptic, it’s not crazy of you to express a little doubt about the integrity of this centuries-old technique. Many folks would dismiss any idea of using something as simple as bobby pins, but the reality is that it works like a charm. While it’s not necessarily something you’ve imagined using, it’s definitely worth your time. What’s fascinating is that you’ll enjoy learning as you get more and more into it, you can start making different types of picks like you would see in a lock pick set. The key to success involves you strategically bending these hair pins so there’s no need to re-bend them

Even when you’re using expensive lock picking technology, you got to keep on practicing. Why? As you explore the infinite options of how to improvise a lock pick set with bobby pins, your ability to advance your skills does matter. Precision and consistency are key considerations when you’re learning how to pick a lock with hairpins.

You’ve had enough and just think it’s sensible to just go buy the fanciest lock picking kit! As much as you’re inclined to drop everything and run for custom tools, you’ll take away an impeccable education from learning lock picking with bobby pins instead. It’s not all about saving thousands of locksmith fee cash. Sounds practical, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to become a tactical lock picking expert and bag thousands in savings? Everybody should!

Anatomy & Details of Bobby Pin Lock Picking

So, if you’re pondering how lock picking with bobby pins works, it’s not a tortuous activity by a long shot. The best technique of customizing the length of the hairpin metal wire is to strategically bend it in a reverse order. Once you’ve customized your hairpin, you’ll employ it as your pick. So, insert the custom hairpin into the compromised lock to fix the misaligned key pins. If you’re using rubber-head hairpins, you should remove the knobs as it’s sometimes distracting. Your teeth is an exemplary shaving tool if you weren’t aware. If you aren’t inclined to use them, you probably prefer getting wire cutters when using hairpins to pick a lock.

Simply create a curved angle with the hairpin head to form a pick by using the lock. For absolute precision when using the DIY lock pick approach. You should maintain a 1cm parameter with the flat section facing up when utilizing the lock picking with a bobby pin method. While it’s inside the lock, simply coerce the remaining portion of the bent hairpin to a left facing angle. You should make certain the hairpin head isn’t extremely bent as it only requires a slight curl. To create a perfectly curled hairpin, it’s pivotal to keep it restricted to the left angle maintaining about 2-3 inches. Additionally, you should shape it into a loop by bending the hairpin head in a reverse position. It’ll give you better control of the custom pick as you employ pressure to release the jammed key pins.

The Bobby Pin Lock Picking Strategy

For your bobby pin lock picking strategy to garner an appreciable outcome; you should strategically bend the whole body of the customized pin, creating a right-angled lever. You can either use your bare fingers or pliers when repairing jammed door bolts with a basic how to pick a lock with a bobby pin exercise. You’ll employ this customized hairpin lever as a form of key replacement for seized door bolts. With it, relocating the stuck key pins won’t extremely difficult.

As you employ tactics in this guide, you’ll find that it’s easier when you visualize the interior construction. It’ll aid in you expanding your knowledge of this mechanism. Essentially, lock technology has two different components: the networking key pins and barrel chamber. When you insert a key into any ordinary lock, it goes directly into the barrel chamber. Whereas, the pins that will automatically submerge into the lock barrel are miniature metal cylinders. These are the same pins keep the barrel engaged awaiting pick or key entry. As it enters the lock barrel, it’ll be re-positioned strategically to align with the barrel, thus activating a systematic coercion.

Is Hairpin Lock Picking Meant For You? Stop, Criminal Mind Alert!

Obviously, anyone who’s exploring this MacGyver style lock picking online basically does it to earn an education on the exercise. While you’re bent on exercising this newly acquired skill when an emergency arises. Some DIYers have a fickle mind that just love the crime scene! If you’re slightly encouraged to employ this technique for negative gains, stop it. You can achieve awesome benefits when you put your knowledge towards a positive outcome instead.

Lock picking is such a delicate exercise; criminals prefer breaking windows or entering through secret passages to avoid detection. A lock picker does it because they love it. An invisible operation that will get criminals in and out of your home quickly is the preferred mode of entry/exit strategy. It’s never a criminal’s intent to get caught while breaking in or out of premises illegally. That said, it’s nonsensical to employ this procedure when burglarizing someone’s property. However, if you use this guide in case of your own emergency then read on!

Kidnapped? Advantages of Employing Hairpins For An Urgent Escape

Nobody brings around a custom lock picking kit, but women almost always wear hairpins. What’s more, you’ll possibly find a few lying around if you’re kidnapped. If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon them, putting your brand new lock picking skills to the test isn’t an idea too ambitious. Mind you, picking a lock is usually the first idea you’ll entertain when you’re kidnapped. With a lack of resources, it’s unlikely that you’ll succeed in executing this task without knowing how to pick a lock with a bobby pin. While you won’t necessarily find sophisticated tools readily accessible, but the possibility of you stumbling upon hairpins is possible.

Using Hairpins To Open A Jammed Lock

Just imagine losing your keys or forgetting them on the kitchen table. Yes, this kind of situation happens, especially when you’re seeking an urgent rescue. The instruction guides are an excellent resource to resolve emergencies as urgent as this. So if you’ve accidentally locked yourself outside, it’d really help if you had a few hairpins. Locksmith services aren’t always affordable or convenient as the availability of quality solutions depends greatly on your location. Besides the wealth of savings, you’ll be spared the frustration and disappointment of having a so-called locksmith over bill you.

Essentially, a guide instructing you on how to use bobby pins for a lock pick set doesn’t necessarily promise a fast turnaround. While this is true, it compensates for this shortfall with cumulative savings. You’ll certainly need this free lock picking guide handy on your phone if you’re forgetful. It’s a common issue among motorists and homeowners to keep this with them. Sometimes even business owners run into such emergencies. Your decision to employ your bobby pin lock picking expertise over hiring a capable professional; depends heavily on the urgency of the mission and your own skills.

Did you not think this was a real way to unlock a door with a bobby pin? Well, now you have it, the full guide. It is as real and as easy as it gets.

Exercises to Sharpen Your Skills

With routine exercises to sharpen your ability; it won’t be long before you become proficient. For everything to fall into place, it’s of paramount importance that you explore our other guides as back up plans. You know, DIYers employing these online guides usually exercise this method for the bathroom or bedroom door. Even so, it’s equally employable for any urgent how to pick a lock with a bobby pin emergency around the home. The common household padlocks and door locks are hijackable even with a pair of cheap hairpins. Certainly, the crafting of your tools and movement of your hands takes some learning.

The Aim

A read through this guide will instruct you to reset the mechanism manually. You should realign each pin as you turn the barrel gradually to prevent an automatic reversion. Once you’ve realigned all the lock pins safely, it’ll correct the issue, allowing the barrel to move freely. If you examine the key carefully, you’ll get a naked view of the complex technology and science. As you insert a matching key into the lock’s barrel chamber, it’ll automatically align the pins correctly. Surely, today’s industry presents a wealth of lock picking tools for an immediate solution. Regrettably, they’re not all compatible. Besides, some of these contraptions parade exorbitantly expensive price tags.

Overcoming The Challenges

So, you’ve just fashioned a custom lever out of a metal bobby pin for picking a seized lock. Certainly, this lock picking exercise won’t be without challenges. With patience, you’ll get the lock open with zero damage to vital components and you’ll pay nothing for the service. Of course, this isn’t attainable if you ignore the crucial tips we shared above.

Virgin lock pickers often experience difficulty when adjusting the pressure exerted on the metal bobby pin lever. With lock pickers using the feel of the seized pins as a gauge to know when to increase or decrease pressure; active listening is an indispensable tool. How to pick a lock with a hairpins DIYers who fail to employ this skill will definitely find the exercise unreasonably challenging. Strangely, you’ll be surprised to know how quickly all effort could go to waste if you’re too callous.

The smallest error could mean starting over, so it’s of utmost significance that you follow these steps carefully. Essentially, it’ll become a fundamental asset when you’re adjusting tension as you employ your custom bobby pin lever. The lock pins will immediately revert to a previous state in you let up on pressure too hastily or employ unnecessary strain. It’ll surely frustrate you, but take heart, you’ll eventually succeed with practice.

Now that you know how to unlock a door with a bobby pin, start to practicing! Don’t forget to let us know what you get into using this method. You can also find traditional lock picking sets below to increase your chances of getting in. After all, that is the goal. Get inside of that lock and compromise it. Happy picking you all!