Infographic: 4 Quick And Easy Steps To Lock Picking

Lock Picking Infographic In 4 Simple Steps

lock picking infographic easy

It Is Not Hard, We Promise

We know that lock picking can be a nebulous feat to learn or at least to start learning. It’s not always easy to get started. So, we put together this simple infographic to get you picking simple locks in no time. This features a rake style pick and a tension wrench on a normal padlock. Padlocks are notoriously easy to pick so you should definitely start there when getting started. If you are just starting out, bookmark this page and go to your local hardware store and pick up a small Master Lock. Pick up a cheap lock pick set on Amazon and you are ready to roll! Remember not to be a douche bag and break into your neighbors garage and stay safe.

The 4 Step Process

This is our 4-Step quick and easy lock picking infographic for beginners! If you want to learn the more in-depth methods and techniques on lock picking, check out our Ultimate How To Guides. In these you will find guides to pick specific types of locks as there are several different kinds and techniques out there to get that lock open. We hope you enjoyed this infographic and as always, happy picking everybody!